President Biden’s administration has outlined a tax policy built upon the agenda introduced during his campaign. Biden’s tax plan focuses on raising taxes on corporations and affluent households, while increasing credits for moderate- to lower-income households. With Democratic control of Congress, changes outlined in President Biden’s tax plan have an increased possibility of becoming a reality. At what time, in what form, and to what extent remains to be seen; however, another round of tax law changes is likely on the horizon.

Having adapted to frequent, and sometimes major, legislative changes in recent years (namely the TCJA, the SECURE Act, the CARES Act, and most recently, the American Rescue Plan Act), you may be understandably concerned about what changes could be imminent. High-income households, in particular, have been targeted for tax increases under Biden’s tax plan.  By familiarizing yourself with President Biden’s tax plan now, you can be positioned to take action and seize planning opportunities when changes are implemented.

Take a look at this checklist to help guide you through conversations regarding the highlights of President Biden’s tax plan, along with the companion piece “How Might President Biden’s Tax Plan Affect Me?”.

You may find this flowchart on Acumen’s Resources page: As a High-Income Taxpayer, How Might President Biden’s Tax Plan Affect Me?

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