Acumen Team & Friends Tour YMCA’S YCAP Program

June 10, 2019

The Acumen team along with some good friends thoroughly enjoyed touring the YMCA’s YCAP facilities and meeting some of the kids recently.  A special thank you to YCAP Regional Director Andy Smith and Board Chair Christian Coder for the tour!

YCAP’s early intervention and prevention program includes a personalized action plan for each student and their family to address educational, behavioral, and spiritual needs, including mentoring, tutoring, hot meals, family nights, and group therapy.  Throughout the program, results include improved behavior, fewer juvenile court appearances, remarkable academic improvement, improved behavior changes at home, and post-program goals including increased confidence, thoughtful decision making, setting higher standards for themselves, and the ability to manage peer pressure.

 After-School Programs Include:

 YCAP Boxing Club

 YCAP Garden

 YCAP Woodshop

We are grateful to see the impact being made for the vulnerable youth in our community!

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