Acumen Wealth Advisors Teams up with CFC Academy

The Chattanooga Football Club Academy is a great resource to families in the Chattanooga area.  CFCA is dedicated to childhood development, family relationships, teamwork, and the overall potential of each child.  Acumen Wealth Advisors is also committed to Chattanooga and to supporting organizations investing in education, our children, and strengthening our community.  With CFCA and Acumen’s shared values, we are excited and proud to be part of the CFCA family.

We appreciate the life lessons soccer instills in players.  Several of Acumen’s team members passion for soccer started during various World Cup tournaments and they have played soccer as children, in high school, college and some continue to play today.  Two of the firm’s children at Acumen, Keller and Tyce Veltenaar, have played with CFCA for six years and began in the IDP program.

Just as CFCA strives to be a valuable resource and educational asset for the Chattanooga community, Acumen Wealth Advisors is also committed to helping families invest intentionally.  We help families achieve their financial objectives through education, strategic planning, frequent communication, and leveraging the latest technology to build trust and strong relationships with our clients.  We understand the importance of saving for retirement and serve as plan consultants and fiduciaries with retirement plan sponsors to help participants save.  Acumen is an independent fee-based asset management firm and a Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) providing customized, active asset management integrated with financial planning.  We are committed to the fiduciary standard where we always act in our clients’ best interest.

With soccer’s growing footprint in the U.S., Acumen Wealth Advisors believes CFCA can help Chattanooga become a recognized and respected city in the national youth soccer system.  We want children in our community to have the opportunity to excel both on and off the field.

If you’d like to learn more about Acumen and how we help families like yours, we’d love to speak with you.  Come say “Hi” to us at one of our soccer games, call us anytime at 423-825-4796, or visit us online at

Go CFCA!!!

The Acumen Wealth Advisors Team