Acumen’s Q2 2018 Market Insights Commentary

Our views on fundamentals:

Our views on markets:


Acumen Wealth Advisors’ investment approach continues to focus on diversified portfolios for risk mitigation.  We do have a favorable outlook on international equities which has historically been considered riskier assets.  Risk should only be incurred when a commensurate amount of reward is anticipated.  If you look at valuations, they suggest international equity markets are cheaper than U.S. equities.   Unlike last year, U.S. equities, particularly growth equities, have done better than their international counterparts.  This difference is primarily due to stronger growth in the United States than we’ve seen overseas, and some stabilization in the U.S. dollar.  But, in the long run, we think the dollar will decline and will amplify the return in international equities.  We also believe U.S. economic and earnings growth will slow over the next few years while it could increase more quickly overseas.


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