Financial Planning

Clarity and Peace of Mind for Your Future

Personal Planning Based on Your Priorities

We are dedicated to understanding our clients’ priorities and the legacies they aim to build. Our commitment to financial planning goes beyond static strategies; it guides dynamic, goal-oriented investment decisions and visualizes potential results. We firmly believe financial planning fosters a long-term perspective and equips clients with the information needed to make well-informed decisions. At Acumen, we view financial planning as an ongoing process, actively engaging with our clients as their plans are put into action and adapt over time.

Our team concentrates on strategic areas of financial planning including:

  • Customized asset allocation strategies
  • Estate planning
  • Income tax planning
  • Retirement planning and cash flow
  • Roth planning and conversions
  • Insurance planning
  • Contribution strategies
  • Cash flow scenarios
  • Stock options
  • Charitable gifting optimization
  • Titling of assets

Financial Planning Elements

We focus on each client’s unique circumstance and understand these needs evolve over time. To meet these challenging responsibilities, Acumen’s approach is tailored to each of our clients.

Our Team Works To:

  • Understand and prioritize goals and objectives.
  • Analyze and summarize your current 
financial situation.
  • Review your current investment portfolio.
  • Develop an asset management strategy.
  • Identify tax planning strategies to optimize 
financial position.
  • Collaborate with your other trusted legal and tax advisors to coordinate
a comprehensive strategy.
  • Present a written financial plan to be reviewed in detail 
with executable steps.
  • Monitor and track progress utilizing innovative software.

Additional Services

In addition to thoughtful financial planning and investment management, we provide tax and business advisory, estate planning, charitable strategies, real estate investing, and private asset management services.  Rather than just one advisor, each of our clients has their own team of in-house specialists.

Let us help you create a
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Learn how we simplify financial complexities so you can focus on what matters most.