Retirement Plan Advisory

Fiduciary Partnership for Employee Retirement Benefits

Five Pillars of a Retirement Plan for Plan Sponsors

Identifying the key principles for building and sustaining a prosperous retirement strategy for your company may seem overwhelming. Consequently, numerous plan sponsors turn to the guidance of a plan consultant. Acumen Wealth Advisors, serving as both a fiduciary and plan consultant, has cultivated a deep understanding of retirement planning.  Our plan sponsors recognize that offering a retirement savings plan is a valuable employee benefit, enhancing retention and job satisfaction.

We welcome the opportunity to help you and your participants navigate the journey through retirement options.

Fiduciary Responsibility

The Employee Retirement Income and Security Act imposes high standards upon fiduciaries responsible for managing retirement plans. As an ERISA 3(21) plan advisor, Acumen Wealth Advisors shares investment-related responsibilities as a co-fiduciary for plan investment decisions with the plan sponsor.


Plan Design and Compliance

We help develop a strategy responsive to the needs of our clients and their employees. By listening and asking questions, we understand what is most important to the plan sponsor in areas such as: Employer Matching, Vesting, Qualified Default Investment Alternative (QDIA), Pre-tax Contributions, and Roth Contributions.

Employee Education

Education is central to our approach to how we serve our clients. In retirement planning, we take time to work with participants to educate and guide them in making informed decisions to manage this tax-efficient pool of savings accumulated through their employer-sponsored benefit plan.


As a fiduciary, our team of retirement plan advisors are committed to serving the best interests of our clients and their employees. Our team includes a Certified Retirement Plan Professional® (CRPP®) who is skilled in conducting regular meetings and workshops addressing participants’ interests.

Selection and Monitoring of Plan Investments

Our team of retirement plan advisors serve businesses and employees by helping them design, conduct, and review investments in their plan. We also assist in the development of an Investment Policy Statement to provide guidelines governing the selection and monitoring of investment options in the plan.

Retirement Plan Participant


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Additional Services

In addition to retirement plan advisory services, we provide thoughtful financial planning and investment management, tax and business advisory, estate planning, charitable strategies, real estate investing, and private asset management services. Rather than just one advisor, each of our clients has their own team of in-house specialists.

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