Elevating Your Client Experience Through Strategic Technology Investments

We Invest in Your Future

Acumen has harnessed advanced technology to provide our clients with immediate access to real-time investment execution, due diligence updates, communication regarding changes, and secure data. It is a priority for us to ensure seamless access to account information, practical financial tools, and resources.

Accurate and Detailed

Provides timely comprehensive views of your financial situation.

Connects Accounts

Delivers a consolidated view of your complete financial position.

Financial Reports

Have the ability to personalize financial reports based on your specific needs.

eMoney – Your Personal Financial Website

Comprehensive financial planning software linking all your financial accounts for a complete and up-to-date view of your financial situation.


Connect accounts for a consolidated view.

Track Spending

Know how much and where you spend.


Interactive charts and detailed views.

Screen Sharing

Join a session for interactive planning.

Budgeting Tools

Set budgets to reach your savings goals.


A complete financial picture on your phone.


Safely store important financial documents


See if you’re on target to reach your goals.

Simulate Multiple Scenarios

We work side by side with our clients to understand the financial impact their decisions have on their plans. We can adjust scenarios and techniques in real time and run through what-if situations such as retirement changes, a disability occurs, LTC is needed, a premature death occurs, etc.

Collaborate on Estate Planning

We are able to show our clients the risks, vulnerabilities, and benefits of various estate-planning scenarios, and work together to create strategies to better protect their legacies. We understand estate planning needs evolve as life events, tax laws, and estate laws change.

Acumen Client Portal App

Acumen Wealth Advisors has created a customized mobile app for our clients to access their Tamarac Client Portal conveniently and securely anytime. We realize the importance of enhancing the client experience in today’s digital environment and leveraging the power of the Tamarac Client Portal.

Tamarac Client Portal

Tamarac Client Portal provides a detailed and timely comprehensive view of clients’ financial picture, integrates with our custodian, Schwab, and offers advanced security features including dual-factor authentication.  We have the ability to customize reports to meet our clients’ needs including performance, holdings, transactions, portfolio analysis and metric visualization.  Quarterly performance reports are clear, concise, and easy to understand.

Dynamic Reports

We are able to customize reports on everything from transactional information to holdings, account performance, asset allocation and capital flows.

Integrated Goals Based Reporting

Our clients can seamlessly click between their Tamarac Client Portal and eMoney using single sign-on to view their financial planning data.

Tamarac Rebalancer

Tamarac Rebalancer allows Acumen to monitor and efficiently implement investment strategy changes across client portfolios.  We customize client portfolios leveraging tax optimization, monitor their accounts for trading triggers, make tactical trades, execute trades directly with our custodian, Schwab, reconcile trades from the previous day, and leverage tax loss harvesting strategies.

Schwab Alliance

Schwab Alliance provides easy access to account information, and offers practical financial tools and resources empowering clients to manage account details on their own.

Monitor Your Accounts Easily and Securely

  • Get instant access to account information online or with the Schwab mobile app.
  • Stay informed on the status of requests and securely approve transactions.
  • Keep your contact information up to date so you can be notified.
  • Count on secure, paperless delivery of important documents.
  • Conveniently deposit checks from your phone or tablet.
  • Grant View Only access to third parties, such as CPAs, attorneys, and family members.
  • Enhance your account security by adding two-factor authentication.

More Investments in Technology

Data and Document Management

NetDocs: Secure cloud-based document management system.
Smarsh: Archive, store, and monitor data to comply with SEC regulations.
Keeper: Password manager.
Sharefile: Securely share files with encryption.

Bloomberg Terminal

Our Bloomberg Terminals allow us to bring together real-time data on every market, breaking news, in-depth research, powerful analytics, and communications tools.


Acumen Wealth Advisors believes cybersecurity is of the utmost importance and continually strives to create the most secure electronic policies and procedures possible.


Acumen is affiliated with RPAG and utilizes their robust retirement plan consulting tools, systems, training, and resources to deliver enhanced value to plan sponsor clients.

Zoom Video Conferencing

We are able to communicate and collaborate with teammates, clients, and partners online anytime. Includes instant message, video meetings, group chats, and screen sharing.

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